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Payment Reminder

Download Payment Reminder Details

Q: How to add a payment reminder in mikrotik 3.x, 4.x or 5.x ....?


1. adding a payment reminder profile in hotspot

just copy and paste this in new terminal of winbox

 ip hotspot user profile add name=Reminder idle-timeout=none keepalive-timeout=2m status-autorefresh=1m shared-users=1 rate-limit=64k/128k transparent-proxy=yes open-status-page=always advertise=yes advertise-url=/reminder.html advertise-interval=59s advertise-timeout=1m

2. Adding a payment Reminder page

   i. Copy hotspot folder from winbox to your desktop
  ii. Delet the file "radvert.html"
 iii. Creat a reminder page in html editer and save as "reminder.html" (letter Case Sesitive)
  iv. Now put file "reminder.html" in hotspot folder
   v. Finaly copy hotspot folder and paste to winbox (dont forget to delet old files of hotspot in winbox file menu)

Testing your Payment Reminder Server

    i. Open winbox and go to
        ip > hotspot > users > add new User
   ii. At selecting a profile for user select "Reminder"
test your created user at client pc you will get a reminder page after every 59sec

3. You just have to change user profile of those clients thats you want to remind them about Dues. (select any user's profile to "Reminder")

Note: After Collecting your Dues Don't forget to changes user's Profile to old one.

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